Big Alberta/BC snoowwvaganza triggers wild start to spring

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Weeee-ooww, talk about wild! Hundo cents over the week at one BC resort, over 40 in a day at another...

It’s going off and we’re here to tell you where. Spoiler alert: Vancouver, Whistler, Nelson, Prince George skiers and snowboarders, ring the alarms! If you can get to the mountains, go now. 

The west is getting it and that means good things for this week and the spring season generally. 

Kazowie! Major spring snow alert!

Guess which resort is starting the week with 43cm?

You can go check our Snow Conditions page for the latest - OR, watch these riders as they shred the pow at Mt. Semour! (Oops, gave it away.)


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AND THAT's not all

At Cypress it’s been snowing every night for a week!

Winter still in full effect in the mountains

While the city might look like spring, it still looks like winter up high!

And, turns out, in the city too!

Edmonton, did you think winter was over? Not on March 20th!


Some surprise snow showed up around Alberta too

Snow falls in Alberta, must play!


And interior BC...

The first day of spring saw 22 cm hit Whitewater. 

More on the way...

Our own Doc Pow was greeted by this snowy view at SilverStar this morning, where winter isn't going anywhere yet.

Back to back to back powder on the coast

We'll leave you with this: Mt Seymour is on a streak with nearly 10 days of powder in a row. Ten days!

That's one heck of a groundhog day effect: ski pow, sleep, repeat times ten!


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