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The best burgers in Banff?


Eddie Burger + Bar, Banff, Alberta

Burger, burgers, and more burgers. There's no finer apres in all of Banff than Eddie Burger + Bar.
Photo courtesy of Eddie Burger + Bar

BANFF, ALTA. – It's 4 o'clock and you're coming off one hell of a day on the slopes. Despite that perma-grin, your legs are aching, your lungs are tired, and your stomach is threatening to invert the rest of your body just so it has something to munch on. It's pretty clear that a snack pack isn't going to be enough to satisfy your cravings.

What you need is a burger. I mean a burger; a full-bodied, gourmet hamburger that best goes down with a beer in your other hand. Thankfully, in Banff, you're not out of luck.

Eddie Burger + Bar is Banff's gourmet burger home. It's the place to enjoy a mouth-watering meal in a lively environment. The food is always fresh and made right in front of your eyes, there's a great selection of wines, beers, and cocktails, and the vibe is unlike any other establishment in Banff.

The Eddie is the highest grossing per square [foot] restaurant in the Bow Valley. 

"For us, it's all about atmosphere," said Joe Gregory, the Operating Director of the Eddie. It is a relatively small space, but they really try to keep it lively with HD plasmas, skiing/boarding films, a great selection of classic rock and retro music, and the open kitchen really adds to the feel.

"Because of the size there's always a good vibe at the Eddie," said Gregory.

Open seven days a week, early to late, Eddie Burger + Bar has been a favourite with locals and visitors alike since it's opening in 2008. With a focus on building the perfect burger for each customer – choose from organic beef, AAA, chicken, bison, elk, pork, and veggie – the Eddie has set its sights on burger perfection.

"We chose to do one thing well as opposed to spreading ourselves thin by doing too many things. By focusing on burgers we made sure that we really delivered the best product in Banff," said Gregory. 

Eddie Burger + Bar offers other sides as well, like fries, hot dogs, salads, etc., but the menu centers around that beautiful Alberta beef. It is also an extremely kid-friendly establishment, despite the word "Bar" in the title. Kids are welcome any time, any day.

Banff holds a special place for the entire ownership team, as evidenced in the Eddie Cares program. The restaurant donates 5% of all profits to a variety of local charities and causes, such as day care fundraisers, local athletes, the Banff Bike Fest, and more.

"We want the Eddie to be a big part of the Banff community. We wanted to make sure we give back," said Gregory.

Trust me, through their burgers alone, they're doing just that.

For more info on the Eddie, visit its website.

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