Take a minute to scroll through our stories researched by some of Canada's best writers, bloggers and influencers. They have experienced every B.C. and Alberta mountain resort to bring you the latest news on your favourite snow destinations. They explored the runs, glades and backcountry but also dug deep to bring you the details about other activities to round out your day or ski vacation. In B.C., learn about the snowshoe trails in Golden, the ice climbing wall at Big White, the cross-country trails at Sun Peaks or the fat-tire biking at Kimberley. In Alberta tempt yourself with the stories about cat-skiing at Castle Mountain, après ski fun in Banff National Park and fine dining at the top of Norquay. Don't forget the hidden gems in Northern BC and yes, the prairies of Alberta - we've decided they shouldn't be secrets anymore. Click and #DareToExplore.

  • Wait…I mean STOP! Just because the cities are warming up and the snow is melting doesn’t mean the ski season is over. HELL NO! I mean…on the contrary, it’s only beginning! Spring skiing has so many advantages from longer daylight, warmer weather and goggle tans. Check our list of fun times at many of our favourite resorts and remember two things; party responsibly and wear protection. I’m talking about designating a driver and wearing sunscreen and goggles. What did you think I was talking about? I guess it is spring fever time so yes, pack all the protection.

  • Cold Lake, AB – Kinosoo Ridge is a ski and snowboard destination that makes magic happen and now that it’s spring, that magic is happening in every learn to ride and ski camps the hill is hosting this month.

  • In 1977, the community of Fort St. James pulled together to create Murray Ridge, a relatively unknown ski hill in Northern B.C. Located 175km northwest of Prince George and only 14km from Fort St. James, home of the volunteers that make the lifts spin each day. Murray Ridge offers one of the North’s best examples of how a small community can create something that is truly special.

  • March 13, 2019 – Don't you just smile when you hear about a snow storm starting to deliver the goods? Impromptu or planned, it's time to hit the slopes and resort webcam pages must be getting hit a lot as we all keep our eyes on each measuring stick. Take a look at these results from the webcams over the past few days. Plus, we want to get you dreaming of dropping into sweet chutes, carving perfect turns and getting that spring goggle tan started! #ThinkSnow

  • Ten-day party at SilverStar Mountain Resort near Vernon, British Columbia, March 22-31, features adrenaline sport contests, music and wine tasting.

  • Have you had this conversation?

    “What are we doing for spring break?” says the kid holding the snowboard trying to drop hints.

    “It’s a month away…isn’t it?” says delusional parent staring at the sink of dirty dishes.

    “No, Mom…it’s starting this week.”

  • Enjoy Pincher Creek, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump and more when you discover your #BucketListAB

  • Use your horseless carriage to visit the World's finest museum of horse-drawn carriages

  • Spring renewal for the soul. Adventurists, take note, look up to a wilder place, full of people filled with a potent Spring energy and sharing the stitchings of a wonderful community. For the snow enthusiast, the community of Smithers is surrounded with multiply mountain ranges, each stacked deep with snow for your enjoyment. 

  • Our two-day itinerary has you using Pincher Creek as your hub for winter activities.

  • Picture this, it’s the 1800s and gold is the topic of every conversation. There were stories of an enchanting place in the Cariboo region that offered a great deal of wealth and a chance for a new life.

  • It's tempting to hit a local apres hotspot after a day on the slopes or on the trails, but have you ever considered a visit to a museum? Not only do you keep your muscles loose while walking around, but you can learn some pretty cool things. Like travel wasn't always so easy back in the day.

  • I had intended to do a little snowshoeing in the area and do a quick tour of the museum, but my plans were thwarted by the most interesting conversation I've had in a long time. Have you noticed how some of the people you meet you will never forget.

  • If you think forecasting the weather is difficult, try forecasting an avalanche. Every ski resort where snow can fall in heaps, drift, freeze, thaw, grow a lip, grow a crust or blow is in danger of an avalanche. So, they all should employ a safety team who will do their absolute best at reading the forecast and how the snow is acting. Because when a slope decides to slip, it’s not a snow-globe of fluff. It’s nasty and it can kill.

  • Pincher Creek, AB – Shortly after 10 a.m. on a frosty, fresh-powder morning, we reach the newly-marked trailhead for the Drywood Creek recreation area in Castle Provincial Park. Not surprisingly, we have the parking lot to ourselves.