Take a tour at Kicking Horse

Take a tour at Kicking Horse

GOLDEN, BC — If you’re looking to tweak a backcountry adventure this year, a day of helicopter-assisted ski touring adds a whole new dimension to enjoying winter, especially when combined with the magic of flight.

Not only is heli-ski touring more affordable than typical helicopter skiing – fewer flights mean lower costs – the meditative experience of putting one ski in front of the other as you quietly ascend ridges and peaks to earn your turns also offers hidden perks: cherish the silence of hearing nothing but your own breath and the crunch of snow beneath your skins for hours at a time. 

Plus, with expert guidance, you can rest assured that you’ll be moving safely in a mountain environment. 

This season, Purcell Heli-skiing takes you to the height of adventure with guided day trips in the Purcell Mountains that rise above their home base on the western slopes of the Canadian Rockies. 

Mountain ranges accordion together in this corner of the province like nowhere else in British Columbia; small wonder that motivated ski mountaineers have recently bagged as much as a million vertical feet in one season. Yes, that’s one followed by six zeros. 

More than enough incentive to hook up with the pros from Purcell for an unforgettable winter adventure. Visit www.purcellhelicopterskiing.com.

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