Super days ahead at the Horse

Super days ahead at the Horse


Super Bowl map
Just a short traverse away from the Golden Eagle Express Gondola, Super Bowl opens up an extra 300m of vertical with 15 new chutes, bringing the total to 85.

GOLDEN, BC ? Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is about to get sooo much better. Some new terrain is opening this coming season ? a fourth bowl ? which will add some new powder pathways that are sure to leave us powder hounds with an even wider case of the permagrins.

My spine?s grown a few times dropping into the white powder-filled abyss that is Kicking Horse's impressive mountain range. It?s filled with shoots, bowls, and ridge lines, and with the addition of the new Super Bowl, even more diamond and double diamond terrain. 

?Super Bowl has always been a part of the resort?s Controlled Recreation Area (CRA) and original master plan. However, the bowl has never been open and skiable terrain," said Steve Paccagnan, president and Kicking Horse Mountain Resort CEO. ?The decision was made to open this new terrain and provide our valued guests with safe access to one of the best alpine ski/snowboard bowls and chutes in North America."

Ken Chilibeck is the owner/operator of the Vagabond Lodge, a boutique lodge that offers some stellar on-mountain accommodations. ?Since the resort?s opening 10 years ago, we've heard of people heading back there and that the terrain was incredible. I hiked into Super Bowl earlier this summer and was really surprised about how big of a trail they have created to get in there, so the access will be great, too.?

Getting into Super Bowl requires a hike off the Golden Eagle Express Gondola (to the left) and around the ridge into the terrain. ?People are going to want to get up to the top of Terminator Ridge (to the west side of the Bowl); this is where the big steep pitches live," said Chilibeck. "Even to go up to T2, the next mountain over, it?ll be a part of the terrain, too. This is going to be a phenomenal run as it will take you all the way back down to the village.? 

Chilibeck is guessing that a couple of those 4,000-or-so vertical foot runs will knock him sideways. Ken and his wife, Lori, have operated the Vagabond for ten years now, so he knows it inside and out. ?I think by doing this they will be able to alleviate the traffic going into Feuz Bowl. This Super Bowl opening should disperse the crowds you get off the Gondola, and you?ll be back down to the bottom much quicker then, say, moving over to Stairway to Heaven (the quad that takes you up into Feuz).?

?For a lot of people it's a really good thing, but, for me, I?m being selfish when I say it's a bad thing. Now I?ll have to compete with everyone else,? explained nine year Golden local Chuck Gorton, founder of Avalanche Safety Solutions. ?The lines in Super Bowl are pretty epic. It's a fun place and will certainly add some excitement to the mix this season for those who don?t ski or ride here regularly.?

Sorry Gorton, but you can bet there will be a ton of us snow seekers out there this season looking to widen our permagrins with some super days at the Horse.  Remember a good night?s sleep is going to be key to rest up for another powder-filled day, so check out more details on the Vagabond.