The steeps and deeps

The steeps and deeps

Lake Louise Ski Area offers up amazing lines

Rocket Miller, Lake Louise, Alberta Canada

Rocket Miller (in red) leads Doc Pow into some of Lake Louise Ski Area's steeper terrain.
Photo by Will Colford


LAKE LOUISE, AB ? When it comes time to get out and shred some gnar, there are few other places like Lake Louise Ski Area who offer just what anyone needs right where you want it.

Rocket Miller is a long time member of ski patrol at the famous ski arena and one of the founders to breaking new ground in Western Canada?s ski industry.   

?Lake Louise offers up some of the most challenging terrain. I just know this from skiing in many other places around the world. If you can ski well at Lake Louise, you can ski well anywhere.?

Something for everyone

Nestled within the Canadian Rockies, Lake Louise serves up a variety of outstanding terrain that is sure to leave any family member smiling from ear to ear. If you are looking to take your abilities to another level shredding some black and double black adventures, you?ve arrived at the right spot.  

?I came to Banff in 1983 and originally started working at Sunshine Village,? said Miller. ?For me it became apparent right away that if you were looking at skiing some challenging terrain than it could be found at Lake Louise.? 

Miller, paired up with a great team, has been working for over 20 years now to lay the way for new diamond and double diamond opportunities at Lake Louise.  

Over 50% of Lake Louise?s offerings are on the steep and deeps but the resort still offers stellar green and intermediate off of every lift. At many resorts, any of the black or double black?s are accessible off of a major hike or through shredding with a beacon, probe or shovel, which is not a requirement here.

Easy access

?When it comes down to getting in on the blacks, it comes down to access. You don't require a big hike or a bunch of gear in order to get into the goods,? said Miller. ?Come and get it ? there are no access issues here.?

Miller had the SnowSeekers? team on tour to show us some of the goods, including a rip within Boomerang Bowl located on Lake Louise?s world-renowned backside.  

Runs, including the ER family (now one through seven) and gems like Elevator Shaft or Brown Shirt have left me with an outstanding case of perma grin in the past, and the powder-filled area did so again. The bowl was simply outstanding, an epic line within an epic space.

Miller is a big fan of the history to the area, something current owner Charlie Locke believes in promoting.  

?It?s great to get the history of a place so when you are here, it gives you perspective,? said Miller. 

To make your own history, ski over to Lake Louise?s website, for more information.