#SnowToZen: Get in the moment with Zenseekers


#SnowToZen: Get in the moment with Zenseekers


You know that feeling when you're blissed out on the slopes, just being in the moment. We like to call it a state of Zen.

Maybe it was that massive powder morning. Maybe it was because you were skiing or snowboarding with friends. Perhaps you spotted wildlife, or were simply sitting on a chairlift looking out at the awesome scenery and forgot about everything else except being present. 

Doc Pow

These times of Zen - the state of being right here, right now, with no cares, is exactly why most of us head for the snow-covered slopes. It's that feeling of awe that you can only get through nature, through learning or by experiencing a community of like-minded people who love to ski or snowboard. 

Just as we created SnowSeekers to help you stay in the loop about everything snow, and Festivalseekers to tell you about year-round events, we now have launched our latest family member - ZenSeekers - the Guide To Travel That Transforms You. 

You can look to ZenSeekers to keep you in the know about adventures that will leave you standing taller and seeing the world through wider eyes. We will bring you ideas and experiences, such as adventures into the wilds of B.C., the world of perfect sunsets and the thrill of exploring cultures, food  and adventures of all kinds. 

Celebrate our launch and go to #SnowToZen this spring and join us on our new network.


We’ve rounded up a collection of some of the best Zen-minded experiences in Western Canada and now is your chance to win!

Visit us on ZenSeekers.com  or on our ZenSeekers Facebook page to learn how you and your friend could be off on an adventure, courtesy of our friends at BC Ferries, HeliJet, Dinosaur Provincial Park and lots more. 

Of course, our snow-seeking efforts are not going anywhere. We're just excited to showcase some new adventures for you to experience when there isn't as much snow around as we all might like!

Zen is a state of mind - what's yours?

Discover ZenSeekers.com today.