Second Mappy Hour a Huge Success!

Second Mappy Hour a Huge Success!

Mappy Hour was a hit!
Photos by Paula Worthington


On Monday, November 16, Calgary?s Village Brewery played host to the city?s second-ever Mappy Hour, this time featuring Tom Babin, author of ?Frost Bike? and avid cyclist.

Tom?s message was simple: Winter biking is possible, can even be enjoyable and we should all give it a shot.

Inspiring messages all night

His message also included a reality check on our perceptions on winter. While many of us love winter (skiing, snowshoeing, skating, tobogganing, dog sledding), some have made it a habit to complain about winter. Instead of complaining, get out there and get active! You?ll get some precious Vitamin D, spend time with friends and family, you?ll become more fit and you?ll look forward to those snow-white weekends forever.

Packed house at Mappy Hour

While not everyone is an avid winter cyclist (but Tom?s right, I will give it a shot), Calgary has been working hard to help make the city more cyclist-friendly. Whether it?s the city?s extensive trail network, or the new bike lane installations in the city core, getting around (in any season) has never been easier.

Some insightful messages

Tom showcased how many cities in Europe (including Northern Finland) cycle all year round, and it?s no big deal. Why have our perceptions become so different? Studded tires are a must, as well as some warm layers (which we all have anyway), Tom also recommended a used bike (salt and sand are not friends to new frames) to get started.

The night wasn't complete without a brew

The passionate Mappy crowd had a great discussion about cycling in Calgary, and everyone left excited for cycle adventures to come - winter or not.

Thanks Tom and Village Brewery!

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