RMR's Top 10 Runs: #8 - Critical Glades

RMR's Top 10 Runs: #8 - Critical Glades

Revelstoke's Top 10 runs

 A lower mountain gem, these trees offer unlimited lines and some nice drops. 

Coming in off the Revelation gondola you can drop in anywhere along the Last Spike below the Stoke Chair. In the latter part of the season, when everyone is still rushing for powder on the upper half of the mountain, you can be sure to find a ton of stashes here. While everyone is standing at the Stoke Chair looking up the mountain thinking about the lines they?re going to rip, you can be dropping into fresh powder right behind their backs without anyone seeing you. 

Tight in some sections, wider in others, these glades will challenge many riders, especially as the snow can get heavier as you descend.  For even more glory, you can venture to the right, crossing Kill the Banker and tearing into the Conifers of Gnarnia. Not for the faint of heart.




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