RMR's Top 10 Runs: #7 - Sweet Spot

RMR's Top 10 Runs: #7 - Sweet Spot

Revelstoke's Top 10 runs

 A North Bowl specialty for those who aren’t really into the hiking scene, from the top of the Stoke chair head to the right and take about 20 steps uphill.  Traverse across until you come to the cliff warning line. To the lower left you will find the entry point, a short and tight drop heading left to right. Once into the bowl enjoy the freedom that wide-open space gives you.

Be sure to charge through all the powder you find as you aim for the knoll, down and slightly to the right. If you’re here early enough, chances are high that you’ll be ripping thigh deep powder.

Once on the knoll, stay a bit to the left. There’s a fun drop here about 8 feet or so and then some wide trees. You’ll hook up onto Downtowner, which gives you the option of returning to the Stoke Chair or down to the Ripper Chair.

If you do end up heading too far right of the knoll, don’t despair; you’ll be heading off to the Beauty and Back 40 glades before taking the cat track back to the Ripper chair.




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