RMR's Top 10 Runs: #6 - Powder Monkey Glades

RMR's Top 10 Runs: #6 - Powder Monkey Glades

Revelstoke's Top 10 runs

 Since you just finished riding Sweet Spot, and are on this side of the mountain, you should check out the Powder Monkey Glades. 

Ride the Ripper chair to the top and head to skier?s left. Your options here are pretty wide open, as this is a huge gladed area. Probably your two best options are to ride the trees on skier?s right of Denver Dollars or head down Chopper to the Monkey Bars. The trees next to Denver Dollars have lots of fun spots and some steep tight sections. If it gets to be too much for you, it?s easy to duck back out onto Denver Dollars and try to bust some moves under the lift line.

If you tough it out, you?ll be rewarded with powder stashes everywhere. Venture deeper into the right to find more snow.

Your other option is the Monkey Bars. Head down Chopper until you reach the long flat section, this will curve around to your right. Once it tops out, drop in anywhere down to your left. If you stay left, there are a few nice little drops. Eventually this will lead you back to the lower half of Chopper, but in between there will be tons of tight fast lines with a strong likelihood of finding more powder stashes.




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