RMR's Top 10 Runs: #4 - Iron Glaiden

RMR's Top 10 Runs: #4 - Iron Glaiden

Revelstoke's Top 10 runs

For nicely spaced trees and a pretty good diversity of terrain, head for Iron Glaiden. 

From the top of the Stoke chair, go past the warming hut and continue until just past Snow Rodeo. Here, you drop in occasionally crossing the Last Spike.  Crossing this run gives you the opportunity to launch off some great rollers into the deeper stuff on the other side. Be sure to stay left as you come down to get the most out of the trees as possible. This is what glades are all about. 

Nicely-spaced trees, some natural kickers and pockets of powder available long after a fresh snowfall. You can easily spot your line and drift to your heart?s content. Take the Last Spike to get back to the Stoke Chair, or push yourself a little further through the trees and you?ll pop out onto Devil?s Club taking you to the mid mountain station. 

When the trees are this good, you won?t mind going to the bottom.




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