RMR's Top 10 Runs: #2 - Snow Rodeo/Gully/Clyde's Secret

RMR's Top 10 Runs: #2 - Snow Rodeo/Gully/Clyde's Secret

Probably one of the best runs on the mountain for sheer diversity of terrain, Snow Rodeo is a ton of fun. 

Starting from the top of the Stoke chair, drop in just past the warming hut. Choice is abundant here and you’ll quickly be ripping the run with the best natural fall line on the mountain. Snow Rodeo gets groomed often and gives great corduroy with a series of natural rollers that are a ton of fun. 

The groomers always make sure to leave the sides of the run fresh, so you can often find powder and/or moguls anywhere here. If the main run isn’t for you, the trees on either side offer great diversions. 

After a half dozen turns, head to the right into the gully and enjoy bank turns through some well-spaced trees and nice powder. Keep following this line until you hit the cat track the second time which will take you back to Hollywood and one of the best bank turns on the mountain before getting to the Stoke Chair. If you head left instead of right into the gully, you will be able to duck in and out of Clyde’s Secret Glades which are often untouched. Take the Last Spike to hook up with the Stoke chair, or continue down Snow Rodeo to the bottom. 

Along the way you can play in the Stihl Life Glades, or just rip some steep lines all the way to the Mid Mountain Lodge.




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