RMR's Top 10 Runs: #10 - Aspen Glades

RMR's Top 10 Runs: #10 - Aspen Glades

Revelstoke's Top 10 runs

This little pearl is a late season delicacy.

Aspen Glades are a holdover from the days when Revelstoke Mountain Resort was known as Mount Mackenzie and the old Powder Slug Chair didn?t go much higher than this run. Named for the strand of trees found here, this run is visually unlike any other place on the mountain. 

Widely-spaced trees with tons of little terrain features make this short run a ton of fun on a deep day. Some natural kickers will launch you into deep pockets of powder when available. Keep in mind that this part of the mountain is best in late February and into the spring, once there?s been enough snow to cover everything up. 

Aspen Glades is a pretty short run that will have you cursing and cheering, sometimes simultaneously. Cursing that you have to take the Revelation gondola back up and ski half the lower mountain again just to reach it, but cheering because you know everyone else has to as well, leaving Aspen Glades frequently untouched.