New to skiing? No problem!

New to skiing? No problem!

Have you ever thought about trying skiing for the first time? Fear not, there are several Canadians this year who will be in the same boat. Over the years, we here at SnowSeekers have produced several productions around those who have taken on their sport for their first time, and we?ve got to what folks become skiers before our very eyes. If a boost in confidence, a new outlook on life and a fantastic winter hobby if what you?re looking for, then you?ve arrived at the right spot. We?ve compiled a series of examples of first time skiers who have faced their fears head on and begun their new favourite pass time.

A few years back SnowSeekers produced its first ever documentary, our friend Sunny who moved from the landlocked east asian country of Mongolia to Edmonton and was ready to change her and her families life by learning to ski. The one thing we didn?t anticipate was how it would end.

Getting an instructor is a perfect way to begin your life long obsession with the slopes. Recently, five year old Bennett Ford took the chairlift by storm at Calgary?s Olympic Park. The ski instructors will have you on the slopes and loving the sport of skiing in no time. Have a read to this story for some inspiration.

Are you slightly older than our friends Bennett and Sunny? Maybe you have tried skiing before but would like to gain some confidence? Maureen Mosteller started up the Ladies Who Ski clinic to help women gain the confidence to ski down any run in Canmore Alberta. Her clinics are often geared towards people who love getting out on the slopes but would like to up their game. Perhaps to keep up with speed-demon husbands or kids who relish the gnarly side. A perfect way to meet new friends and keep the stoke for skiing alive.

Get out there this winter and enjoy what the slopes have to offer. Skiing is a perfect way to increase confidence, make friends and improve your personal fitness.

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