Lake Louise Village is the perfect home away from home

Lake Louise Village is the perfect home away from home


Lake Louise Inn, Alberta, Canada

The Lake Louise Inn takes inspiration from the surrounding forests and mountains.
Photo by Brandon Boucher

LAKE LOUISE, AB ? We have all seen pictures, which have been passed around the world, of a castle set along the banks of a magnificent crystal clear lake; this being the actual lake known as Louise, and the castle ? the famed Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

The Chateau is the perfect base camp for anyone who is looking for six-star nature with five-star luxuries. At 5,700 feet above sea level, along with world class views the Lake is set as the highest community in Canada.

Literally within three minutes you are in "six-star nature." is how Michael Vincent, a 10-year interpretive guide with the Chateau Lake Louise describes his office.

Steps away

"The setting here is spectacular. Where else can you get into this kind of an experience just out these front doors," said Vincent, as he led me and a few others out for a three-hour snowshoe tour. ?Here you have your pick of so many outdoor activities.?

If you are looking to save a bit of funds for the fun but still get in a stellar night?s stay with all the amenities, check into the Lake Louise Inn. The property is set across the street from the Samson Mall, where you can find all your rentals and information at the Wilson Sport Shop.  

Pizza Oven at Timberwolf, Lake Louise

Two pizzas bake in the open pizza oven at the Timberwolf in the Village of Lake Louise.
Photo by Brandon Boucher

?The property was designed so it would complement the surroundings,? said front office assistant manager, KB Mahadevan. ?You are surrounded by nature and the mountains, so we used a lot of greens, browns and river rock in our construction.?

Family friendly, pet friendly

When asked what makes at stay in Lake Louise so special Mahadevan said simply, ?Because the ski area is the largest in the Canadian Rockies and from here you are only five minutes away from it. The Lake Louise Inn offers pet friendly rooms, kitchen suites, two restaurants on site and a really popular pub, the Explorers Lounge.?

One of the restaurants, the Timberwolf, is known for the best pizzas in the area.

?The Inn pizza is a mixture of pepperoni, spicy beef, mushrooms, black olives, feta and mozzarella cheese and some chopped green onions,? said Executive Sous Chef Al Miller.

On a recent visit I had the honour of working with Miller in the kitchen to learn the biggest secrets when it comes to their pizzas. They step up the usual tomato sauce by using a roasted red pepper sauce and when it comes to layering ? to add cheese as the bottom layer before adding on the toppings.

Judging from the pile of pizza boxes, the bulk of the business is done through take out by the locals and if it?s good enough for them, than it?s certainly tops in my books. But you don?t need to order take out to your room, the Timberwolf dining room is relaxed and comfortable ? perfect for the whole family.

Check into the Lake Louise Inn at for a great night?s sleep and rest up for anouther stellar day in one of the world?s top playgrounds. For the complete list of accommodations, visit