Lake Louise Inn offers up some great hospitality

Lake Louise Inn offers up some great hospitality correspondents Chris Tobias and Kevin Prisiak have embarked on a 10-day, 6-resort tour across Western Canada in search of epic powder courtesy of Acura. They'll be blogging throughout their trip, right here at


Day 2 of our 10-day mountain adventure began at the Bear?s Paw Bakery in beautiful Jasper, Alberta. I scored a raspberry white chocolate scone?seriously, I?d marry that treat if I could.  Next time you?re in Jasper, do yourself a favour and make a stop at the Bear?s Paw. Otherwise, you?re doing a your trip a disservice.

Lake Louise is our target destination today. Light snow and an icy highway lent itself to a leisurely cruise down the Icefield Parkway in ?poor? driving conditions en route to the Lake Louise Inn. We made a few pit stops along the way, just to take in the awesome scenery and wildlife.

I have not been snowboarding in Lake Louise for a couple of years now, and I?m excited to see what the improvements have been and how the snow is! 

Acura Road Trip day three, Lake Louise
A half dozen ice climbers doing their thing.
Photo courtesy of Kevin Prisiak

The Lake Louise Inn is about a 4-minute drive from the highway (depending on traffic), just a short jaunt from the Tourist Info Centre (first hotel on the right after the Tourist Center).  The staff at the Lake Louise Inn were more than accommodating and very friendly. After checking in we went to get some sustenance, and being that I?m pescatarian (a diet that includes seafood but not the flesh of other animals), the options are usually limited. The Explorer?s Lounge seemed like a good choice for some supper, and they were more than happy to bring me a menu from the Timberwolf Pizza and Pasta café on the third floor. 

My friend, Chris, ordered the steak sandwich, but he wanted the awesome Veggie Lasagna I ordered (I always love it when others are jealous of my food), but I was honestly envious of his beautiful looking steak sandwich! The ice sculptures around the main driveway are all very cool at the Lake Louise Inn, and they have put in a skating rink just for some winter fun ? so bring your blades!

Tomorrow is an early day and the alarm is set for 7 am!  I don?t even remember the last time I got up this early?especially on a Sunday. All for the love of powder.