The importance of Mappy Hour

The importance of Mappy Hour


Mappy Hour is an incredible event where winter enthusiasts meet and discuss adventures and become inspired by their surroundings. But why does this matter?

Well, world ranked mountain trail runner, Adam Campbell told us exactly that. "I often struggle with the duality of my life. I am a living embodiment of "street to peak", spending my weekdays working in a corporate hub, trying to steal nature moments in urban natural spaces and who tries to spend every moment of my weekends playing in the mountains, I sometimes ask myself if it is worth it. Gatherings like Mappy Hour and the energy that they inspire remind me that it is. We all make choices in our lives and nights like last night remind me that I am truly lucky to have a fulfilling professional life in a city with a strong sense of community, while still having an incredible passion outside of my professional life and one of the greatest settings in the world, the Canadian Rocky mountains, at my doorstep." 

Nights like Mappy Hour bring together the core human elements of community, adventure and storytelling. These monthly gatherings allow us to reconnect with friends, meet new adventure companions, they help us to see nature and the world around us in a new way and inspire us to seek adventure in ways and places that we may have never considered. 

This past week, Mappy Hour held its third event in Calgary and it was a huge success, check out the photos below.

"Powder" Matt Mosteller introduces guest Adam Campbell

The night featured a slideshow titled 'moving through' a vital part of a mountain runners regime.

Ultra-marathoner Adam Campbell talks about life, work, running, mountains and adventure, and how they all weave into each other. 

The crowd at Mappy Hour where there was inspiration for the soul and Village Brewery shared craft beers for the belly! 

A full house at Village Brewery to welcome guest speaker Adam Campbell. Thank you Calgary for your sold out attendance! 

Mappy Hour will be returning to Calgary soon and will be making its first stops in Vancouver and Edmonton shortly.

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