60 Days - 60 SnowSeeking Adventures

60 Days - 60 SnowSeeking Adventures

For Immediate Release
September 10, 2012 ? Edmonton

SnowSeekers, the guide to all things winter, is pleased to announce a new promotion highlighting the start of the 2012/13 winter season which begins 60 days from today.

?Resorts within the Canadian Rockies typically open by the second weekend of November which falls on November 9 this year, so working backwards, today marks the 60 day point,? explains Seekers Media ? SnowSeekers CEO Jim Barr.

Barr and his team of correspondents have selected 60 articles from the www.snowseekers.ca website and will be re-releasing one story each day between now and November 9 to get people excited and thinking about the return of the winter season. ?This is the time of year when people start itching to get back on the slopes and a program like this should help stoke that fire,? says Barr.

The Seekers team will be leveraging both a social media promotion and paid advertising to help highlight the articles, a technique that is now paying the new media company some solid dividends. ?We did a similar content/social media campaign like this during the summer with our other media brand, FestivalSeekers, and were reaching well over 25,000 people a week,? explains Seekers Media?s Engagement Specialist Katie Correlje. 

To further activate the community and highlight the start to the season, SnowSeekers is holding a suitcase party contest and over the next 60 days snow seekers can enter to win a trip to one of three mountain resorts for that November 9 weekend.  

Heading into its fourth winter season, SnowSeekers continues to gain ground as a leading source of information for those planning winter getaways. With information tools spanning mobile, online and social channels, SnowSeekers allows winter enthusiasts to plan their experience through its website, get more out of their time while in destination through their smartphone app and promote discoveries via social media. 

For more information please visit www.snowseekers.ca

Contact:               Jim Barr
                              CEO; Seekers Media
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