Bearing the heat

Two weeks ago, Seekers Media did its first ever summer shoot: a series of online commercials for Decor Hotels. Wanting to go all out, Brandon, our director of photography, added a crane to his repertoire and, man, did he enjoy it. So much so that we now have a monster on our hands. The next shoot where we can't logistically use a crane, it won't be me who tells him. I like my life. 

The shoot itself involved Doc Pow stepping into a bear costume during 30+ degree heat for three days straight. If you ever need a good weight loss program, try this one. We were lucky that there was anything left of him by week's end. Luckily, the Doc's a long-time proponent of Bikram yoga AND he's been a mascot more times than a normal adult should be. Needless to say, he was more prepared than most would have been.

Meaning, he survived.

Below is some behind-the-scenes shots from a shoot at the beautiful Maligne Lake, just outside of Jasper, Alberta. Trust me, if you're ever planning a trip to Jasper in the spring/summer, do yourself a favour and visit this place. It's incredible.

And if you're up for a truly unique adventure, do some research into Maligne Lake's Hall of the Gods. It'll blow your mind.

Click on an image to see a larger version.

Brandon and Doc Pow take it all in. Not one of us had visited Maligne Lake before, so we were all pretty blown away at the scenery.


This is Brandon trying to look "professional" in front of a group of on-lookers. Seriously, I've never seen him do this in the entire time I've known him. Ever since, he's been saying "envisioning" like it's going out of style.


His camera's a little bigger than mine. I said his CAMERA.


Our first crane shoot and we're basically shooting with this thing right out of the water. The cost of doin' business, my friends. Sidenote: check out Doc Pow with his collar popped. Pfft!


There was some serious kayaking going on. By serious, I mean "a lot of", and not "intense" or "solemn".


Doc Pow's looking like he really needed the weight loss I spoke of earlier, eh? The man's gotta get back on his board. Winter can't come soon enough for Doc Pow's gut




Brandon. Doin' his thang.


Contrary to popular belief, that's a bear suit, and not a beaver. I repeat, not a beaver. Notice Doc Pow's bare feet. On a day like this one, any respite from the sun, no matter how small, is a welcome one.


The money shot.


Keep checking back here for news on the Decor commercials. Whenever they go live online, you'll hear it here first.

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