90 Degrees takes to the Stage

DOC POW, SnowSeekers Inc.

It doesn't happen very often but sometimes, just sometimes, even the best of 'em get caught with their pants down.

You'll find her ripping up the slopes of Marmot Basin in Jasper Alberta- deep in the Canadian Rockies.  It was last Saturday when the girl, only known as mountain megs, earned herself a new nickname.

This is the photo blog on just how she was crowned '90 Degrees"...can you unlock the mystery of how?

Just getting off the chairlift she is looking confused....

                                                   really confused...

                                                              hey did someone say oi?

 the aerodynamics with those reno'ed poles was brilliant

 she is just showing off the science before she shreds some gnar

And it didn't take her long to ditch the reno'ed ski poles for a pink one that was 
registering at 90 degrees....



First person to email me the correct response for what happened to 90 Degrees' poles wins a set of Marmot Lift tickets valid right through the 2010/11 season – docpow@snowseekers.ca


For more on Marmot, cause you know you have to go there, get over to here and start planning your escape for next winter.  Who knows ... it might just throw you 90 Degrees.


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