80s day at Sun Peaks this Saturday

RICK MACDONNELL, SnowSeekers Inc. 

Things are about to get radical at Sun Peaks Resort this Saturday, April 10th. Dust off your neon clothing and too-big-for-your-face shades, because the 80s are back and they don't want to see any of your two-piece snow suits or fashionably modest colors.
All staff and guests are encouraged to deck themselves out in their most bodacious outfits before they hit the slopes for some double-daffies and back-scratchers.
For any of you who may not remember the 80s (for reasons illicit or otherwise...), I thought I'd offer you a few helpful tips to get you started. When dressing for the 80s, it's important to keep three things in mind:
1. Headband – always, alwaysalways wear a headband. Under your helmet, over your helmet, it doesn't matter. Headbands are like legwarmers, but for your face. In other words, a must-have. No self-respecting Duran Duran fan would be caught dead without one.
2. Shades – the larger the better, and you damn well better make sure that people can see through them. If people aren't able to see your eyes, they're clearly too reflective. In fact, your shades should almost be completely useless.
3. The Neon Onesie – Pastels were sooooooo early 80s. By the time the 80s got into gear, neon was all the rage. Those arrogant early 90s try their best to claim neon, but the 80s hair-bands had a firm grip on the scene way before the Fresh Prince came along. And don't let me see you in a two-piece snow suit! Have some respect for yourself, for god's sake.
Stick to these three rules, and you should be well on your way to looking as ridiculous as you possibly can this Saturday, or, as 80s as you possibly can.
If any of you guys take some stellar Polaroids this weekend, send them to rick@snowseekers.ca and I'll put 'em in a blog next week.

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