It's in the Music

By Will Colford, SnowSeekers Inc.
            Why do Albertan’s love country music so much?  The question seemingly answers itself; however, they might be a deeper explanation.  Terri Clark, North American Country Music star, happily flew home to Medicine Hat for the torch ceremony.  “It’s been great being back,” she says.  “I’ve got to run into all my old high school friends and take a tour around and see all the changes.  My school is a lot bigger than I remember.”  Terri was glad to see an event like this bring the whole community together, and honoured to be apart of it.

Outside of the torch relay, however there was still the question of why people from Medicine Hat, and Albertan’s in general love country music.  When you think of the phrase ‘country music’, you think of the country: barns, dogs, hay fields, do-goods and done wrongs.  In truth, however, the phrase “country music” can be thought of as national music.  People who identify with Canada can find themselves, their community, their culture within the lyrics and rhythms of country music because it’s about our country.  It’s about Canada.  Albertan's

especially, then, identify with country music because Canada can be identified within the people and small town communities of the province.           
  Terri’s set list kicked off with “No Fear”.  “The song,” says Terri, “is about being able to shrug off the fear surrounding following your dreams.  I myself had to overcome fear when I left for Nashville to follow my own dreams, just like every Olympian has to overcome theirs.”  The second song is called “Burn”, aptly named for the theme of passion.  It is no coincidence Teri opens the torch relay with songs of overcoming fear and being passionate.  “The next three are about having a big party,” laughs Terri.  But, again, her music perfectly exemplifies the feeling of the relay, the identities of Alberta towns, and relation Albertan’s have to our country.


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