J-Fish Crew Changing Perceptions of B-Boys

By Will Colford, SnowSeekers Inc.

           ‘Menace’, ‘Scourge’, ‘Gang Member’, though often wildly inaccurate portrayals of B-Boy dance crews have cast them in a negative light, Medicine Hat’s own dance troop has never felt the community stigma.  “Usually B-Boy crews don’t have great reputations in the community, but hear in the Hat we have overwhelming community support,” said long time J-Fish member Kevin.  
            General Manager says the support stems from a new approach on behalf of both parties.  First, “Medicine Hat is a town that’s open to new ideas.”  Like the troop itself, a southern Alberta town open to new ideas and change is a refreshing opposite to the stereotype.  Second, “to be successful in the hip-hop scene for as long as we have and will continue to be, it takes hard work, dedication, and a healthy life style.  There’s been better crews out there, but they burn out from all the late nights and partying.”  J-Fish on the other hand is dedicated to dancing, and the community respects that; in turn, the crew respects the community and is all too willing to represent them at an event like the torch relay.  
            It’s not uncommon for the team to put in three-hour daily practices.  Like the other artists performing, and the Olympians they’re cheering on, J-Fish Crew are driven by an enduring commitment to their art.  In fact, ten year vet Loki worked 200 hours in the two weeks preceding the event, then took two flights, had a 14 hour layover between them, arrived in Medicine Hat an hour before the crew had to be at the event, and was still the first one to show up – with bells on.  “Being able to represent my town, and perform for them at the same time gives me all the energy I need.”  
            J-Fish Crew embodies the spirit of the torch and sets the bar for anyone wanting to know what kind of dedication it takes to achieve your dreams.

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