Sunny Nails The Slopes

NAIT's board room POW-WOW

Sunny isn't just hitting the slopes - she is nailing them, three lessons in and she is attacking the slopes with a serious appitite.  And everyone involved in the production of this documentary is loving it.  Today they took a chance to go through footage and see how things are shaping up.

Progression on the documentary being produced between SnowSeekers and NAIT showcasing the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance is coming along better then anyone could have expected.  Just this week SnowSeekers announced the addition of Jaro Malanowski to it's team, recognized as one of Canada's preeminent directors/film producers. Malanowski's job in working with SnowSeekers Director of Photography, Brandon Boucher is to take the film from an idea to reality.

The reality is securing the film's goal of increasing diversity on the slopes, attracting a wider demographic to take up skiing and with Sunny and her family being from Mongolia, things are looking bright.  "One thing we notice is the diversity on the slopes of Snow Valley, let's capture this with more b-roll," says Malanowski.

Things really picked up this past weekend when mom took to the slopes with Sunny- taking a lesson program on site at Snow Valley right along side her daughter.  Word is that the dad is not far behind, stay tuned as the whole family gets ready to tackle the Canadian Rockies, Dec 10-12th weekend down at Castle Mountain Ski Resort just outside of Pincher Creek.

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