Meet the Author: Doc Pow

Meet the Author: Doc Pow


Meet Doc Pow

From slopes to hiking trails, for over 20 years Jim Barr (aka Doc Pow) has been exploring the Pacific Northwest of North America, on both sides of the Canadian Rockies. Jim shared his adventures as a travel writer, TV producer and mobile developer in almost all forms of traditional and new media,becoming an expert on the slopes, resorts, cities and everything in between. “I get to introduce the world to some of my favourite places in the Pacific Northwest. Even better, I get to do it with an outstanding team of correspondents who help educate and inspire snow and festival seekers to get out and explore. In 20 years of reporting and producing content about this region it continues to amaze me. The opportunities in this part of our world are endless.

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How long have you been producing content for?

My life in media began in April 2004 all because of whales. On a trip to Hawaii I ended up writing a story about whale watching that was published in a daily newspaper and I was hooked. It’s been an adventure and a half being a travel journalist and stoked to be apart of a team that is helping to educate and inspire millions on where their next adventure should take them.

What are some of the media outlets you work with

Contributor to a variety of media outlets includes the Edmonton and Calgary Sun prior to launching SnowSeekers in January 2009. Now, it along with FestivalSeekers and coming ZenSeekers are the outlets I contribute most of my time too.

What is a favourite experience being a journalist

Having the opportunity to discover so many passionate characters who call the ski industry home. Folks who live for the snow, like our friends Shred Kelly. It’s been cool to be apart of their journey in becoming a band to be reckoned with.

Why do you contribute to Snow and FestivalSeekers

Having the chance to travel to a few countries for snowboarding and event experiences in the past, I have had a few opportunities to “rate” how good we’ve got it here in Western Canada. To be able to be apart of a team who generates video, stories and social media on the best place for winter and festival travel on earth, how can you go wrong!!

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