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Smithers serves with a smile

The Smithers restaurant scene offers some stellar seafood


Alpenhorn Pub & Bistro
Owner Sasha Hildebran and his staff have spent the last few months, revamping their menu, as well as their image.
DOC POW/SnowSeekers

SMITHERS, BC — You’ve seen it before — in the Sound of Music or a Ricola commercial — a man, usually with a beard, wearing knickers, standing on a Swiss mountaintop blowing an Alpenhorn. If you’re looking for something different during your next winter vacation, go north to Smithers, British Columbia, a town that has adopted this man as their ambassador. 

When you get into town and are looking to catch up with some good people, stop at the Alpenhorn Pub & Bistro for a meal you won’t soon forget. 

“I go where I know people, and here at the Alpenhorn it’s full of locals,” explained long time resident Kim Egan.

The menu alone is over six pages long, with tons of specials courtesy of owner Sasha Hildebran, a Red Seal Chef. When Hildebran took over the pub 14 months ago one of the first things he did was rip up the menu and start from scratch. Over the last few months Hildebran and his staff have been busy. Check out their revamped menu to see how much is brand new.

Blue Fin Sushi, Smithers
Go for the sexy roll at Blue Fin Sushi: tempura yams, crab, avocado, cucumber, and tempura crunch topped with Unagi (eel) and sweet chili sauce.
DOC POW/SnowSeekers

I went with the halibut & chips (yam fries), served with a twist: as opposed to a little piece of fish served in a blanket of batter, it's served up Panko crusted (Japanese breadcrumbs). It was absolutely fantastic.

The next night, I kept riding the seafood train and headed across the street for Blue Fin Sushi. It was founded eight years ago by Cindy Palmer, a born and raised “Smithereen,” who moved out to Vancouver Island a few years back to "learn how to roll" before moving back home.

Palmer and her team are passionate about their offerings and taking care of tourists. "The town of Smithers bends over backwards in order to please its visitors,” Palmer said.

If you are looking for something uber tasty, order up the sexy roll: tempura yams, crab, avocado, cucumber, and tempura crunch topped with Unagi (eel) and sweet chili sauce. 

With the Alpenhorn and the Blue Fin, you're almost covered for food and beverage in Smithers. If you are looking for additional dining options (or want to learn more about Smithers and Hudson Bay Mountain), click here for the Smithers episode of The Snow Show.

Here´s a video showcasing Zoer's Dining Room, another great restaurant in the town of Smithers.

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