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Jan Hudec, Lake Louise, 2007 Canada

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Something we try to do at least once a week at Castle Mountain Resort is take some of our demos out and test them. This week we took out 3 carving “all mountain” skis. Cole took the Rossignol Avengers, Curt took the Volkl Grizzly, and I took out the K2 AMP Aftershock (right, below). We each rode our selected skis for a run or two before we switched up and tried new ones.

Ski reviews: Volkl Grizzly, K2 Aftershock, Rossignol Avenger

The skis in question, from left to right: Rossignol Avenger, K2 Aftershock, Volkl Grizzly. 
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Volkl Grizzly: 177, 131-89-114, 18.7m

Rossignol Avenger: 182, 128-82-112, 17.8m

K2 Aftershock: 174, 130-86-114, 17m


1st: Rossi Avenger

2nd: Volkl Grizzly

3rd: K2 AMP Aftershock

The Grizzly beats out the Aftershock, just barely, because the Aftershock has early rise in the tips, which cause them to be a little bit chattery at higher speeds. The Avengers were the clear winner. A very nice, smooth transition in and out of turns and a serious need for speed.


1st: K2 AMP Aftershock

2nd: Volkl Grizzly

3rd: Rossi Avenger

The Aftershock edges out the Grizzly because of that same early rise in the tips. The Avengers took a lot more work to make their way down the hill. The Grizzly and the Aftershock handled the deep stuff with no trouble at all.


1st: K2 AMP Aftershock

2nd: Volkl Grizzly

3rd: Rossi Avenger

One thing that needs to be said right off the top is that none of us are any good at skiing bumps….at all. It was one of the saddest displays of mogul skiing ever. That being said, the Aftershocks seemed to be able to pivot much easier than the other two skis. The Grizzlys just powered their way though. On the other hand, The Avengers fought the whole way down (again, most likely due to the fact that I can’t ski bumps).


1st: Volkl Grizzly

2nd: Rossi Avenger

3rd: K2 AMP Aftershock

The Grizzly won this round with ease, feeling right at home on a few small jumps and drops. When flying off rollers with speed the Avengers felt smooth from take off to landing. Not to take away from the Aftershocks, which stuck a really nice drop off a set of cliffs, courtesy of Curt.


So at the end of the day here’s how it all breaks down.

Curt: "If I was a betting man, and the bet was that I had to choose one of these three skis to race from the top of the mountain with unequivocal style, the last person down having to leave the hill FOREVER, I would choose the K2 Aftershock. Its versatility affords the user the ability to combine smooth carves, powerful crud trenches, and the sweetest of airs. My winner."

Colin: "The Avengers were an amazing carving ski, the Grizzlys were incredible at handling anything the mountain could put in front of them, but the K2 Aftershocks took the top spot. The skis went from turn to turn with little to no effort, all the while maintaining control. The early rise made for way more fun in deeper snow and the skis look really great."

Cole: "My review, after just a few runs on these skis, is all about comparisons. The Volkl Grizzlies in ‘Power Mode’ made for nice wide carving on the groomers, snappy tighter turns in lightly tracked powder and felt good in the air. I would compare them to a Subaru WRX – great maneuverability and handling on all terrain. The K2 Aftershocks, while also decent on the groomers, were less fun to lay into than the Rossis but also much more forgiving. My comparison for these guys is to a Honda Civic – good all-around skis, but not necessarily prominent in any one area. The Rossi Avengers are FAST. As soon as you get on these skis, you’ll notice they don’t like to turn until you get up to speed. However, when you do, they edge hard and you can lay them down every turn. The Avengers get compared to a Formula 1 car – fast, quick turns, but not really any good for anything else."

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