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New chef really ramps up the dining experience


Desserts, Panorama Mountain Vilage Canada
The dessert sampler at the Panorama's Wildfire Rustic Grill serves up a amazing dessert sampler that features chocolate mousse, creme brulee, tiramisu, ice cream and more cream.

PANORAMA, BC — Say what you will about resort villages, they're good on gas. The best part about rolling into a resort like British Columbia's Panorama Mountain Village is the fact that you can park your car and pretty much throw away the keys for a few days; you're not going to need them.

Everything you can possibly need is right there at your fingertips (at most, a short stroll), including some fantastic dining and nightlife opportunities.

Whether you're interested in a beautiful dinner for two or a nice family outing, you can't go wrong with the Wildfire Rustic Grill. The fireside atmosphere mixed with the contemporary fare makes for a great dinner, no matter the occasion.

Panorama's wow factor

Chef de Cuisine Brian Vallipuram, Panorama Mountain Vilage Canada
Panorama's Chef de Cuisine, Brian Vallipuram plates up some entres at the Wildfire Rustic Grill.

One of Panorama's greatest coups has to be its luring of new Chef de Cuisine Brian Vallipuram, the man behind Toronto's famous North 44 and Axxess restaurants. The Sri Lanka-born chef also oversaw the prestigious White Witch Restaurant at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Rose Hail, Jamaica before moving back to Canada ... and Panorama Village.

"When I came to Panorama I said 'Wow!'" Vallipuram said. "I've never had mountains around me like this. All of my life I've travelled all over the world, but always land and beautiful seas. Never mountains. Mountains make me say 'Wow!'"

Vallipuram and his team are working hard to turn Panorama into a can't miss culinary destination. He's not just overseeing the Wildfire, but also six other eateries: the Picnic Deli, the T-Bar and Grill, Mile High Pizza, The Great Hall, the Jackpine Pub, and Chopper's Landing.

"We run seven different restaurants and cafeterias here in Panorama. It sounds like a lot, but there is so much opportunity here for growth. Right now, I'd say that our team has only accomplished about 20% of what we want to do here. There are still so many great things that we could be doing."

Tempting surprises

Vallipuram only moved to "Pano" four and a half months ago, but he's quickly built a reputation for his unique style. 

"My way of cooking is called 'fusion,' meaning that there are different cuisines: indian menus are becoming quite popular now, there's also Chinese and Italian, so what I do is keep the main recipe the same, but spice things up a bit. Take the halibut. We cook our halibut with some cajun spices. Our lamb is served with different sauces – cranberry infused sauce or green peppercorn with red wine sauce and a hint of curry. 

"I like to surprise people and have them say 'Wow! What is that?' We don't make it too complicated, because we always keep in mind that there are a lot of kids here. This is a family friendly mountain, so our menu is both beautiful and kid friendly."

Pork, Panorama Mountain Vilage Canada
Enjoy a delicious entre of pork tenderloin with apple and onion sauce at the Wildfire Rustic Grill.

A can't miss item is the 10 oz. pork with an apple and onion sauce. Like Vallipuram said, it's an unorthodox twist on a standard meal, but wow, was it good. 

Something I can't stress enough is this: get the dessert sampler. Do it, please. You'll hate yourself if you don't. This thing is just a giant tray of creamy delights, with creme brulee, tiramisu, ice cream, and more. 

Relaxed spot with a great vibe

If you're looking to unwind afterwards, make your way to the T-Bar and Grill (just a few short steps from the Wildfire). Not only does the T-Bar make for a cool apres spot, but it's a great place to chill out and grab a beer at the end of the day. 

Order up a pitcher of Fernie Brewing Company's Rocky Mountain lager, head over to the pool table, and have some fun. Or, if you're day on the slopes has you too tuckered out to even do that, hang at the bar and watch the game. 

Be prepared for some great pub fare, with nachos, chicken wings, and dips being just a few of the appetizers waiting for you.

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