Lake Louise

Then and now: The Lake Louise Ski Resort

Back in the “old days,” as in the late 1800s, when travelling by train was the hip way for the European elite to experience the Canadian wilds, the village now known as Lake Louise was the ultimate destination.

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Cruising into the season at Lake Louise

Wow, what a magnificent day for the opening of the season in Alberta. Crystal clear blue skies, bright sunshine that helped take the edge off the cold temperature and just enough snow to keep people happy and smiling.

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Snow Days and Ice Magic in Lake Louise

With all the snow that keeps falling, it’s a good time to kick into celebrating all things white, icy and cold.

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Familes love Lake Louise

In terms of off-piste activities in Lake Louise, I had no idea what kids could do for fun. A lot, as it turned out.

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BC resident re-discovers Lake Louise Ski Area

A year of heavy, Pacific Northwest snow had left Sterling Todd Keys longing for the Rockies and the champagne powder he had grown up shredding. He recounts his experience coming home to the Alberta Rockies.

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A Lake Louise I never knew

Will Colford reveals through his own experience that Lake Louise has a large amount of advanced terrain accessible by lift, located on the backside of the mountain that few people know about.

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Worth it at any price

There are some people who have discovered the true in-bound treasures the Lake offers, and it's these rarely-accessed gems that keep them coming back every year. If you want to get into some of these unbelievable areas, you're going to have to work for it.

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Everyone comes back to Lake Louise

Make sure to watch the SnowSeekers video at the bottom of this story to see for yourself why the ski experience at Lake Louise is unlike any you will find in the North American ski industry.

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VIDEO: A Day with Ski Patrol at Lake Louise Ski Area

This video is courtesy of the uber-talented Paul Lapides. Paul lives in Calgary, Alberta and loves to travel and to be outdoors. He makes videos to share his life with friends and curious strangers. Now you're one of them.

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Louise continues as a world-class lady

When Charlie Locke, the owner of the famed Lake Louise Ski Area resort first took to its slopes back in 1954, I doubt he had any intentions of not only buying it, but also continuing to put it on the world stage.

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The steeps and deeps

When it comes time to get out and shred some gnar, there are few other places like Lake Louise Ski Area who offer just what anyone needs right where you want it.

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Louise gives up her secrets

Continually ranked at the top of the charts as one of the most spacious ski resorts, Lake Louise Ski Area can take a week to tackle.

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A Locke on Lake Louise

What one receives out of life comes back to how much passion one brings to the table. With the return of Charlie Locke to one of North America’s most iconic snowbound destinations, not only is the passion back at Lake Louise Mountain Resort, its heart and soul is stronger than ever.

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VIDEO: The Snow Show — Lake Louise episode

Skiing, snowshoeing, and dining at one of the world's most iconic resorts: Lake Louise Ski Area, located in beautiful Banff, Alberta.

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Lake Louise SnowSeekers TELUS TV

“The Lake” local Bill Keeling takes the SnowSeekers TV crew around what has been consistently ranked as one of the world’s to ski destinations.

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Seven wonders of Lake Louise

Over the past couple of years, there's plenty new at Lake Louise - the kinds of offerings you might expect from some big American ski resorts. But it's not over-the-top Disney-fied fun at the Lake, but rather more natural pursuits.

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Skoki Lodge steals your heart

Luxury in the backcountry? Hard to imagine those two things go together so well. But at Skoki Lodge, luxury isn’t an understatement.


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