Flaking out in Edmonton

Edmonton is a winter city, and if you embrace winter and get outside, you may discover something special, unique and yes — even fun — about our winter season.

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A lesson in momentum

Jeremy sees just how important community or “feeder” hills are: to young skiers and families, to aspiring athletes, and to the ski industry as a whole.

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Ticket To Ride: Faster, steeper, deeper

You know what marks the beginning of winter more than anything else? Not the ski sales. Not the changing of the seasons and not even the first frantic flurries of snow. It’s the day the latest edition of the Warren Miller ski movie blows through town.

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Wild and windy fall, means big winter snowfalls

"Weather witch" Terry McHardy has been looking at nature, animal behaviour and the Cree calendar to predict this year's winter season. 

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Ice on Whyte: Edmonton's beautiful answer to frigid temperatures

EDMONTON, AB — The Ice on Whyte Festival is an ice carving competition but it’s also a celebration of who we are and where we choose to live. Yes, it’s cold for a large portion of the year but there’s beauty here as well. This festival provides an opportunity to see what talented individuals can do with what we normally scrape off our windshields and sidewalks.

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Snowshoeing in Edmonton

Snowshoeing; it’s super easy to do, lots of fun, and a great workout. Here are some tips and guidelines for people just getting into it. Edmonton just happens to have a lot of good powder walks.

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DOCUMENTARY: Sunny on the Slopes

SnowSeekers' first ever documentary chronicles the journey of a young Mongolian girl learning to ski, and how her family unites behind her in support.

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Shop local, even when buying gear

EDMONTON, AB – For me, buying new gear is always stressful. New gear is a considerable investment, and I’m never quite sure of what I really need. Thankfully, I don't need to know. Enter Sundance Ski and Snowboard Shop.

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Newbie grabs lessons at Snow Valley

EDMONTON, AB — Given that I'm a relatively new skier, I'm sure there are some on-hill moments where I look like a baby giraffe that’s escaped from the zoo and has somehow gotten a hold of a pair of skis. 

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