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Canmore is known for great outdoor and indoor adventures.  Here’s a look to an experience waiting for you when you get on the slopes.

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Then and now: Nakiska

When Calgary won the bid in 1983 to host the 1988 Winter Olympics, Mount Sparrowhawk and Mount Shark in Kananaskis were prime candidates for the alpine events.

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Get your ski chops back

Skiers like me – female intermediate or advanced skiers – are Mosteller’s specialty in her Rossignol Ladies Who Ski clinics, which she’s been running for the past five years. 

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Nothing stopped the excitement at Nakiska Ski Cross – not even the frigid cold

SnowSeekers correspondent, Elin Jensdottir, recounts moments from the Nakiska Ski Cross World Cup on Dec. 7.

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Nakiska - A legacy 27 years in the making

KANANASKIS, AB - This month marks 27 years since the 1998 Olympic Winter Games, held in Calgary. Nakiska, a Cree word, aptly meaning “to meet”, was built for the XV Olympic Games and is still a place for world-class competitors, families and friends to meet today.

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Dog sledding in Canmore: a howling good time

CANMORE, AB — Our team of seven sled dogs goes silent the moment musher Brock Taylor yells “Hike!” and lets their pent up energy erupt onto a snow-packed trail in Spray Valley Provincial Park near Canmore, Alberta. We leave the cacophony of canine barks and howls behind, replaced by the giggles of my two kids as the dogs speed down hills and over bumps, tossing the three of us in the sled like croutons in a salad bowl.

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Fortress – My Kind of Mountain

Fortress Mountain has grown into a one-of-a-kind ski resort. It's an exclusive catskiing operation with no lifts and no official resort - yet.

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Let the ice take you higher

CANMORE, AB – Hanging off the side of a frozen waterfall by only an ice axe and thin metal boot picks is a thought most of us might not relish. But if you're feeling the need for adventure, an ice climbing tour with Yamnuska Mountain Adventures in Canmore, Alberta might be just what the doctor ordered.

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Avoiding and surviving avalanches 101

CANMORE, AB – After almost 20 years of playing around on the snow, it was time: I needed to get educated on avalanche safety and the art of backcountry travel. So it was with great interest that I signed up for the Avalanche Safety Training (AST) Level 1 course offered through the University of Calgary.

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Canmore’s Nordic gold

CANMORE, AB — A little over 20 years ago Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding area, including Canmore, welcomed the world during the 1988 Winter Olympics.

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Running in the woods

My adolescent dream of being a coureur des bois, an unlicensed fur trader navigating the Canadian wilds with nothing more than a pair of snowshoes and a few provisions while circumventing the law, was briefly awakened as I shoed the Lower Lake, Spray Lake, and Hogarth Trail in Canmore, Alta.

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Heli-tour an eye-opening experience

CANMORE, AB — Anytime you can add a helicopter tour to the bill, it sets a whole new benchmark for a holiday, even better if that chopper is going to provide a bird’s eye view to one of the world’s most impressive mountain ranges.

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Ice climbing is all about staying focused

CANMORE, AB — Hanging from a sheet of ice on the side of a mountain is a pretty gripping experience. For Marco Delesalle, a Canmore-based member of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, it's a regular occurrence and one he likes to share with everyone.

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The skills you need for surviving the backcountry

CANMORE, AB – “At no point in time is your objective more important than you.”

These were the words of AST Level 1 instructor Rob Vickers. A veteran of backcountry terrain and safety, Vickers is aware of the potential dangers – he’s had to find buried friends – and knows how close every one of us is to complete and utter devastation when riding, skiing, or sledding in the backcountry.

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Adaptive ski programs make the winter sport accessible to all

Bennett has mastered the magic carpets plus snowplowed up a storm at Nakiska and hit the tree trails at Norquay. That’s no big accomplishment for most eight-year-old boys, but Bennett has autism, and his milestones are achieved after significantly more time, sweat and, occasionally, tears.

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