Vote the Toque

Vote the Toque!

On Nov 17 Oxford Dictionary announced its word of the year for 2014, Vape.

Here at SnowSeekers we believe in Canada, and as proud Canadians we at SnowSeekers ware very passionate about Canadian culture. We believe the toque embodies that culture; warm, high performance and a love of the outdoors, a toque embodies most of what Canadians are. For SnowSeekers its only makes sense that in 2015 the Toque be named Oxford Dictionary’s word of year!

Please join us and sign our petition

The Backstory

Recently, we walked Banff Ave in the Canadian Rockies to uncover, what we believe, is a serious issue in the world today. We walked up to a variety of tourists from around the world and not many, if any, had even heard of the word Toque, never mind knew what it meant. One guy thought we were talking about torque for your engine…no joke, see below.

A few Toque facts: Did you know the Toque dates back to 13th century Europe? It was traditionally used by French cooks. Now, Canada has embraced the Toque and it's worn by everyone from the Prime Minister of Canada on a blustery winter day to teens in the middle of summer.

Most traditional Toques were made of wool, however now we see the great Toque in all shapes and forms. Some have ear flaps, bobble heads, crazy colours, but one thing remains true, it is a Toque!

Famous people love the Toque. Several big name actors and actresses sport the Toque in their daily lives. They include the hilarious Bob and Doug McKenzie, Bill Murray, South Park's own Eric Cartman (who tends to enjoy blaming everything on Canada) - and the list goes on.

As you can see we need a bit of help convincing our friends from other places that it is in fact a toque.

We ask you join us on and sign our petition asking the Oxford Dictionary to name Toque word of the year!

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