Storm of the Season

Snow in BC

Storm of the Season


It started Friday February 3, 2017 around noon and hasn’t stopped.

It’s the storm of the season that has DELIVERED across much of BC and Alberta this past three days and more to come.

Here is what some of our friends are experiencing out there.

For Powder Matt, his past weekend in Fernie was something for the record books. “The thing that gets me is for the temperatures to be that low and this much snow (-8), it’s all translated into the lightest and fluffiest POW you’ll ever experience. I’ve never had to clean my goggles that many times, face shot after face shot. Even my powder skirt - I had to make it three buttons tighter just so that I could keep the snow from invading up my jacket into every orifice.

“46cms in Kimberley in the past 24 hours is a 10-year record in terms of overnight snow.”

Storms of all storms across the Powder Highway and into Alberta too.

Over at Castle Mountain, for Cole Fawcett, in recent memory this is the most snowfall they’ve experienced in one storm system too (since Friday noon, over 100 cms – over three feet).

“One of the messages we received via Facebook was that a recent guest had a life changing experience on the mountain yesterday (Sunday).” Speaking from experience I know exactly how that person felt, skiing in these conditions is a dream.

Over on the coast and up at Whistler – ApresWheeler was reporting the vibe was “unreal”. “Peak Chair Madness was happening –Sunday morning it was 25cms on top of 25cms. People jumping the waterfall and Air Jordan with the whole chair line up watching the showboats after showboats making magic happen.”

And this storm is not done – were still under a winter storm warning today,” says Fawcett. Then more creeping into the forecast for the weekend, make plans for this week, Fawcett says there is lots of POW to go around and in the foreseeable future nothing but powder turns to be had.

Stay in the snow, keep your browser tuned to

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