A moment

Doc Pow

A moment

Doc Pow

When you really think about it, what exactly is a moment?

Why are some moments so electric, it leaves an impression on your soul?

In today’s “always on society,” it’s very rare any time goes by where we're not experiencing an array of moments. But in today’s highly complex planet, these moments are filled with divisive rhetoric, environment devastation and pledges to put up walls, as opposed to ripping walls down and building each other up.

Having been a part of the Western Canadian ski industry for over 25 years, I’ve made a career in helping to share the light. The light that comes from waking up to avalanche bombs going off and knowing what the day before you will be like, to the trees you hear howling in the wind as you go up the chair, to the cheers with long-time friends via an après that becomes legendary. These moments make me smile and warm my heart, but they're not the ones that really grab my soul.

When I watch this new #Calgary2026 sizzler reel, I can’t help but be left with an electric moment that – for one thing – leaves me with an energized appreciation for the human spirit. It brings me right back to 2010 and being surrounded by friends and strangers as we cheered on the athletes. And it makes me think about the same kind of awe and wonder Calgarians, Albertans – all of Canada, will be left with when they are experiencing the Paralympics debut in the Canadian Rockies. It makes me wonder how my friends’ kids will see their dreams become reality, and how they’ll get there after being enhanced with an injection of confidence and drive that comes from winter sport. I’ve spent well over two decades watching people come alive by strapping on pieces of wood to their feet and sliding down a mountain or even just a local ski hill.

November 13, 2018 is a day to make history in all kinds of ways, including being the day Calgary goes to the poles via its 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Plebiscite. As a snow seeker, I challenge you to dream big on where your next eight years will take you. By 2026, what goals will you have achieved? Now think how this #Calgary2026 plan will help get you there.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are in Calgary, Canmore or even Alberta. What does matter is to remember the power of a moment and to remember how good it feels when that moment is wrapped in a Canadian Flag. As opposed to participating in the next Drump tweet storm, I’d prefer to click in some Tragically Hip and build bridges to a richer Canada.

Join us this November, help make history. Don’t wake up November 14 thinking, “Hmm, I should have been a bit more informed or involved in helping to see the return of the Winter Olympic and Paralympics back to Western Canada.”

Doc Pow

411 on 2026

  1. November 13 (advance polls Nov 6 & 7) is the plebiscite where every Calgarian will go to the polls to answer one question – are they in favour of hosting the games or not.

    1. What you can do? – challenge your friends and family in Calgary to know the plan, score their thoughts, be educated and have them make an “I will vote pledge” to you. www.Calgary2026.ca/ourplan

  2. For those living in Calgary, the City of Calgary is encouraging you to take their #Calgary2026 survey, they want to hear from you on your thoughts and values in Calgary 2026’s Olympic and Paralympic Games, take the survey here.

  3. The games come cost free – have a watch to this new IOC 2020 video showcasing the new approach for the Olympic games. The new approach is a win for cities, provinces and its citizens with a keen eye on Zero Waste, celebrating diversity and at no cost. #Calgary2026’s approach is a reduce, reuse and recycle games, leaving huge infrastructure upgrades to Calgary – to be left transformed into one of the world’s most accessible cities.

    1. What you can do? – watch, comments and share this video with your Calgary based friends and family.

Join the conversation, volunteer and/or challenge a Calgary based friend or family to vote on November 13, 2018.

Coming together, Western Canada will have an electric moment etched in history and steeped in a future wrapped in all things Canadian.

Get your homework done, full bid details available at www.Calgary2026.ca

Read more about Calgary 2026 on our #YesCalgary2026 page here.