March is coming in like a lion and the resorts are lovin it!

Revelstoke Skiing
Gabe Rogel

March is coming in like a lion and the resorts are lovin it!


It just keeps coming and coming! Look at the snow reports from the resorts! In the last 48 -72 hours it’s been fricken nuts! Big White - 36 cm! Powder King 45 cm! Sun Peaks 25 cm! Shames is getting 20 cm right now with more forecast for the weekend.

It’s too good to pass up. Here’s what’s causing the snow. There is an upper trough hovering over the north Pacific allowing a flow from the south-west to move over the province of B.C. A warm front will move in, cause some confusion with the air masses. They’ll argue. They’ll get mad, make clouds and start dumping snow where ever they want. Over and over again. Those ski resorts closest to the coast and the interior are saying, “Let the air masses fight all they want. Dump the snow!”

Those dull skies at Whistler Blackcomb are putting smiles on faces. The snow prediction is anywhere from 46 to 100 cm of fresh snow landing between now and next Thursday.

Check out the posting on Powder King's Facebook page. I really don’t need to say more. The thigh thick pow that kid is fighting to board through is calling out your name. The weekend is forecast to be sunny with more powder landing during the week. So, either this weekend or next weekend you need to go to Powder King.

When Environment Canada uses the red “SNOWFALL WARNING IN EFFECT” banner across the top of the page you know it's good for the resort. Shames Mountain near Terrace is getting hammered. In the last 24-hours they’ve had 20 cm and by the looks of it, the snow doesn’t stop all week long.

Big White is calling the unstable air a “gift from Mother Nature” call it what you want – one thing is for sure, that front will push through and bring along the instabilities. So, in the next 3 – 5 days, powder hounds heading to the Okanagan will be rolling in it.

Sun Peaks to the north of Big White is going to get hit by the same forecast. They should plan to leave the shovel handy.

Pssst! Don’t tell anyone I told you to do this…but go to Revelstoke! They are expecting delicious dumps of snow. Friday’s dump of 13 cm will be gobbled up on the weekend under predominantly sunny skies. Tuesday will bring more snow and so will Wednesday.

Stop the bus at Kicking Horse! The horse is ready to buck! By Saturday morning there should be at least 15 cm ready for the rodeo. The next five days is promising at least 60% chance of snow flurries. Anything off Stairway to Heaven will be…heaven.

What’s up with Fernie? That corner of the province is getting bombed on a regular basis. In the last 2 days, they’ve had 49 cm and the forecaster says it’s not stopping. Wave after wave of snow will be ready when you are.

Kimberley is giddy with the fresh stuff too. The forecast for the friendly resort is almost the same as Fernie. Any day in the next week that you decide to roll in, there will be freshies in the morning.

Even though Castle Mountain is part of Alberta, it’s getting dumped on just like Fernie (which as the crow flies is only 30 km away.) In the last 24 hours, they saw 14 cm of fluff and in the last week it was almost a metre. Wow! AND – Sunday should see the beginning of a new wave of flurries. To quote their webpage, “It’s FREAKIN’ EPIC OUT THERE!” If you’ve been thinking of pampering yourself with some cat skiing on the Powder Stagecoach maybe it’s time to do it.  

Are you ready to break out your snorkel and get out in the powder? Share this with your crew and head to your favourite resort as soon as you can!