Catch Cabin Fever in Revelstoke for a bonus ski weekend

Cabin Fever at Revelstoke Mountain Resort
The Cabin

Catch Cabin Fever in Revelstoke for a bonus ski weekend


REVELSTOKE, B.C. - The days are long, the snow is still here, but your favourite slopes are closing down for the season. Where is a SnowSeeker supposed to go?

Easy. Cabin Fever in Revelstoke is your answer. It's a two-day event designed to keep the resort town from slipping too far into its off-season lull. Born out of a local duo's passion for snowboarding and love for their community, everything about it is a magical mix of the big and small.

"For the last five years we've been opening Revelstoke Mountain Resort for one extra weekend," says Agnes Kowalchuk. She's half of the husband and wife team that owns The Cabin – a snow and skate shop with a side of bowling alley and lounge. Her husband, Troy, and his team build a collection of jumps and features scattered around the runs off of Stoke Chair.

Enjoying Cabin Fever in Revelstoke
The Cabin

"Troy has been snowboarding since 1989 so building fun snow piles to play on is just what he does," says Kowalchuk.

While a few pro kickers will be closed off to the general public, it's not a contest. The whole event is designed to welcome everyone. If you don't ski or snowboard, no problem. All you need is $20 and you a ticket to access the party at 4,000 feet, which includes live music, a massive bonfire, beer garden, barbecue and some stunning sunsets.

You can find more details on our FestivalSeekers page here.

Ultimately, though, it's about giving snow one last hurrah. "We're snow enthusiasts," says Kowalchuk. "Troy and I have been in the industry for over twenty years. This is our way of celebrating the great experiences and memories with friends from the winter and also to welcome the coming spring."

The Cabin crew throw out the regular park area format to create a giant skiers' and snowboarders' playground. But forget the green circle, blue square, and black diamond you're familiar with.

"Troy's been calling them green squares and blue diamonds," explains Kowalchuk with a smile I could hear through the phone. "The experienced skiers and riders can hit centre-stage while more cautious fliers can still use the side and get creative."

Cabin Fever is about good ol' fashioned mountain fun, and it's obviously organized by those who want to make the most of it. Everything is perfectly timed for optimal spring skiing conditions. "We used to run it on May long weekend, but the conditions were a bit of a gamble that far out," says Kowalchuk.

Snowboarding during Cabin Fever in Revelstoke
The Cabin

This year, Cabin Fever is April 22 and 23. The chairlift won't start running until 1 p.m., so you have time to sleep off the previous night's hangover and not miss out.

If it's sunny, the overnight crust will have time to soften. If it's a pow day (which we can't rule out this season, Revelstoke has seen over 12 metres of snowfall so far) then it'll have more time to accumulate. The lift will keep whirring until 7 p.m. on both days so you can literally ride off into the sunset. 

It may be named after something we all go to great lengths to avoid, but Cabin Fever is actually the answer to that gaping hole in our hearts that the end of the season brings.

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