-astle Mountain's Top 10 Runs: #7 - Sheriff to Bandito

-astle Mountain's Top 10 Runs: #7 - Sheriff to Bandito

Top 10 Runs at Castle Mountain

Photo courtesy of Sam Schofield

This is most certainly a cop-out, but it?s really the only way to do the upper cirque justice. Working your way north along the Skyline Traverse from Sheriff to Bandito there are an infinite number of possibilities, all leading you back to the Red Chair for a quick lap.

The non-black diamond options available from the top of Castle are pretty limited, but Sheriff isn?t a particularly intimidating route.  The wind usually keeps this run naturally groomed and finding a bump is a rare occurrence, which allows for that sought after high-speed cruising, often with a few centimeters of Castle?s famous windsift to really lay your edges into.

Bandito offers a standard, groomed, blue thoroughfare from the top and has some more interesting options on either side for those looking to get off the beaten path. Everything else between can usually be skied and depending on wind and recent snow, can sometimes be better than the two bookends.



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