Castle Mountain's Top 10 Runs: #6 - Cat Skiing Area

Castle Mountain's Top 10 Runs: #6 - Cat Skiing Area

Top 10 Runs at Castle Mountain

Photo courtesy of Sam Schofield

This is not so much a run as it is a section of terrain, and it does require financial and physical commitments to access. 

Still considered within the boundaries of Castle Mountain, the Cat Skiing area is accessed by continuing up Haig Ridge after the Huckleberry Chair reaches its limit. If you?re walking, you?ll need a shovel, probe, transceiver and partner, plus some know-how, and if you?re riding, you?ll need $295 and a day when Cat Skiing is operating, usually Thursday ? Saturday.

What?s great about this area is the mellow (think blue square steepness), playful, and more rolling terrain that can?t be found on the main mountain. Largely protected by trees, it offers a safe harbour for snow when the wind really picks up and because of the barrier to access, often holds untracked lines well after the last storm cycled through. 

It?s a great first step for aspiring backcountry/cat skiers to train and build confidence on their way to more challenging terrain that requires higher levels of experience and knowledge. 

It?s also a pretty fun ride down that delivers you right back to the lift.



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