Castle Mountain's Top 10 Runs: #1 - KC's

Castle Mountain's Top 10 Runs: #1 - KC's

I hummed and hawed over this one for a while but ultimately had to side with KC’s as Castle Mountain Resort’s #1 run. 

Although not technically in-bounds, the easy walk from the top of the Huckleberry Chair can be done in less than an hour and you can ski right back to the lift. What sets it apart is how very different it is than anything else at the mountain. 

Approaching 60 degrees for a few turns, it is by far the steepest, and its serpentine, rock-lined path requires the utmost focus and precision of skiers, from the first turn to the last. 

Other runs will offer better conditions and far more fun on powder days, but KC’s has the ability to provide that true test and sense of accomplishment for anyone who drops in. And make no mistake, it’s not for just anyone. For it to be skied by more than three groups in any given season is a rare occurrence, and to me, this cements its status at the top.

So, put in your time, a lot of it, to build up your strength, skills, knowledge and confidence on Castle Mountain’s plentiful terrain. You’ll need all of these in order to make smart decisions, a skilled decent and arrive at the T-Bar Pub, safe and sound, with a celebratory beverage in hand. 

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the #1 run is at Castle Mountain Resort!


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