Take a minute to scroll through our stories researched by some of Canada's best writers, bloggers and influencers. They have experienced every B.C. and Alberta mountain resort to bring you the latest news on your favourite snow destinations. They explored the runs, glades and backcountry but also dug deep to bring you the details about other activities to round out your day or ski vacation. In B.C., learn about the snowshoe trails in Golden, the ice climbing wall at Big White, the cross-country trails at Sun Peaks or the fat-tire biking at Kimberley. In Alberta tempt yourself with the stories about cat-skiing at Castle Mountain, après ski fun in Banff National Park and fine dining at the top of Norquay. Don't forget the hidden gems in Northern BC and yes, the prairies of Alberta - we've decided they shouldn't be secrets anymore. Click and #DareToExplore.

  • The forecasts had called for an epic weather system moving through Western Canada and we knew a lot of precipitation was coming, it was just a question of how much of it would be snow in the mountains where it counts.

  • Hot chocolate, fresh snow in the face and magical turns all day. Think this sounds too dreamy to be real. It's not. Welcome to Troll Ski Area, just east of Quesnel, B.C.

  • Snow Immersion Suffocation (SIS) is deadly for skiers and snowboarders. Learn tips to keep yourself safe this winter.

  • You've seen the skiers and snowboarders sail past you on the slopes. They swerve and carve and roll over the bumps like they were born with gear on their feet. While you sit there readjusting your boots wondering just how they do it. Remember these three tips from instructor, Zuzia Wodzynska.

  • You may have heard there's an “atmospheric river”stretching from China to coastal BC that is set to bring some crazy weather our way. There’s no doubt we'll see a lot of precipitation from this storm front, but what does it mean for your BC and Alberta ski resorts?

  • There you are - standing at the top of a snow-crested mountain. Your breath visible in a slight cool breeze against a crystal clear blue sky. You scan the trails below you. Will it be the glades? A groomer? Or those moguls that taunt you. And almost as important? What music is going to be playing in your earbuds or in your head?

  • There is snow falling across BC and Alberta right now with more in the forecast next week! Here at SnowSeekers, we are totally okay with skipping fall at higher elevations altogether and heading straight into winter.

  • Driving into Shames Mountain Ski Area, you get the true sense that this is a downhome, mom and pop kind of place; there's nothing glitzy or glam about it. But I like it that way, and getting here is half the fun.

  • You are finally sitting in the gondola after a frantic dash to the mountain. Sweat is dripping down your spine from running across the parking lot in unbuckled ski boots totting your gear that toppled from your shoulder with every stride.You are finally sitting in the gondola after a frantic dash to the mountain. Sweat is dripping down your spine from running across the parking lot in unbuckled ski boots totting your gear that toppled from your shoulder with every stride.

  • Running and cycling all summer is great but it’s not the only exercise that will keep you ready for ski season. Use the next few months to ramp up the squats, lunges, agility and balance so your legs and mind are ready for the slopes. Here are some interesting ways to build up those quads and glutes without a gym membership.

  • Settling down in front of the big screen TV with a bowl of popcorn to binge watch ski flicks is a great way to get stoked for the upcoming ski season. What’s better than watching skiers and boarders dive into the pow, pound the moguls or hot dog off a jump?

  • Ever wonder how Whistler Blackcomb got its name? It's a cool story that reaches way back into the geological past of the Coastal Mountain range and has something to do with a punk hairstyle.  

  • The snow isn't falling but the prices on season passes did. We did a quick peek at the popular resorts and found out some pretty sweet deals that will not last long. As soon as the snow starts flying the prices go up.

  • Are you ready for ski and snowboard season? We sure are! Check out our list of openings and get ready for a great 2017/18 season on the slopes.

  • Like walking on a razorback ridge there are perils for any industry wanting to reach into our beloved mountains and make changes or developments. Step one way and you’ve got a community welcoming new industry and prosperity, step the other and it’s an uphill battle into a snowstorm of opposition sending you off that slippery ridge.