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Skiing at Powder King, Prince George
One of Powder King’s biggest attractions is its snow. Boot-, knee-, and sometimes waist-deep is not uncommon in these parts. Sam Ens plows through the light and fluffy stuff just to make all our readers a little more jealous.
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PRINCE GEORGE, BC – If you read a lot of our articles here on SnowSeekers.ca, you might recall a Revelstoke piece I wrote about my buddy Ted Allsopp and his advice to always "ski with a tune." At Powder King Mountain Resort—about two hours outside of Prince George, British Columbia—you won’t have any trouble finding that tune, as almost every run is named after a Beatles song.

“We had a guest here skiing with us from Australia recently, with his iPod loaded with Beatles songs, just because he had heard about how we named our runs, and had to come check us out,” explained Marketing Manager Sam Ens.  

The SnowSeekers film crew, Ens, and I got out for some turns recently to get in on the new goods that await on the slopes of Powder King. “It’s hard to pick as we have so much terrain to choose from, but if I had to pick, Satisfaction would be my favorite run.” It just so happens, Ens’s favorite Beatles tune is one and the same. 

“We’ve now doubled our in-bounds terrain with the addition of the Black Forrest, which brought in a big part of what we needed: some additional blue and green ... more beginner and intermediate runs,” said Ens.  

A hill that's all your own

I would argue that they didn’t need any more terrain to begin with. The last time Brandon (our director of photography) and I were up here, during our first year of filming for SnowSeekers TV, there was no one on the slopes. It was awesome. Now, there seems to be even less, as the terrain is that much bigger and everyone is spread out all over the mountain. It was five days since the last snowfall and we were finding powder stashes that still hadn’t been touched.  

Punching through a Hard Day’s Night, we were carving through unbelievable groomers, the softest I think I’ve ever experienced. The only way I can describe it is almost like skiing or snowboarding on cream cheese, snow that really allows you to lay into the turn and fan out across the run; it's a wicked feeling.  

“The snow can almost be described as pixie dust. It’s so light and fluffy you can blow it out of your hands,” said Ens. “Having lived up here all my life, my friends and I don’t even know what skiing on ice is like.”

Come together with friends and family and twist and shout your way onto the slopes of Powder King for an experience you won’t soon forget. For more on this fantastic experience, visit the Powder King Mountain Resort website.

After riding through Revolution, a person can get hungry. Check out this video to see a newer dining experience in Prince George, tapas.

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