You just might be a [ dúrt bàg ]

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Dirtbags and non-dirtbags alike will gather at Kimberley's Conference Centre to celebrate the adventure seeking lifestyle of said dirtbags.
Photos courtesy Dirtbag Festival


Six years ago, in a gear cluttered Kimberley basement, a group of friends gathered exchanging photos, films and stories of recent adventures around the world and mostly from right here in their own backyard. Not your typical family vacation slideshow, the images and experiences shared revealed a stunning artistic side to capturing the indescribable beauty that lies at our doorstep.

Bruce Kirby, one of Kimberley’s original “dirtbags” realized there may be other stories to awe and inspire while instilling a sense of appreciation. And so came to be the Dirtbag Festival, bringing together a community of artists, activists, pranksters and adventures. With a mountain culture so deeply engrained in locals, the Dirtbag Festival has become an open forum for anyone in the community to simply share – and do they ever!

Now reading this, some of you may perceive the term “dirtbag” to be offensive.  But ask a Kootenay local and they will shed a brighter light on this “term of endearment.”


A dirtbag by Kootenay standards is :

1. A person who forgoes the conveniences of a comfortable life in exchange for the freedom to undertake as many adventures as possible.

2. Someone who will turn down overtime shifts in order to go camping with friends. 

3. A person whose bike is worth three times as much as their car and has twice the suspension.

4. An individual whose idea of a dog walk requires climbing skins.

5. One whose terms of employment include the word “powder day.”

Dirtbags and non-dirtbag locals of Kimberley will gather to celebrate the adventure seeking lifestyle of said dirtbags. As per fan request, this year’s festival will take place at the swanky Kimberley Conference Centre, located at Kimberley Alpine Resort . Two huge screens, large sounds and cold beer set the scene for the artistic journey.

Attendees will enjoy both a Film & Content showcase as well as the Community Show, one of the Dirtbag’s most enjoyed events. The Community Show is simply a celebration of our community, the Dirtbag community.

Submissions come from anyone and are compiled into a beautiful slideshow. 

This dirtbag will let you know if you have what it takes to be a dirtbag.

Thanks to everyone for their submissions. 

Tickets to the Dirtbag Festival are selling fast, but you can still get your hands on some. Click here to get yours.

Check out the Dirtbag Festival Facebook page for a perfect tongue-in-cheek description of a dirtbag. Or visit the official festival website

Now for the feel good stuff...

This Festival wouldn’t take place without the support of our community and sponsors. A huge thanks goes out to Kootenay Culture Magazine for making this event possible and taking it to a new level this year. Big shout out to the rest of the sponsors as well: Columbia Basin Trust, DeCosse, Tourism Kimberley, Kimberley Alpine Resort, Fun Hogz Gear Exchange, Spirit Rock Climbing Center, Spring Honda

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