Day Six – Whitewater

Day Six – Whitewater


After a night at the Library Lounge and chatting with some of the locals, I realized Nelson is the type of place where work and play can live harmoniously. 

I talked to a local music teacher and he told me that when it snows 20 cm businesses shut down, people call in sick, and Whitewater is flooded with locals.

The Hume Hotel served up some delightful flavours: the beer, the people, and the delightful atmosphere. When I come back to Nelson, I will definitely be stopping in to the Hume Hotel.

Rocky Mountain Road Trip Whitewater, Nelson
Photo courtesy of Kevin Prisiak

An excellent breakfast of blueberry pancakes (free breakfast with your room) and coffee at the Hume, and we were on our way to Whitewater Ski Resort.

The weather was looking quite good. It was the first day we’ve gotten to a hill and seen sunshine.  Yay, sunny skies! 

Whitewater Ski Resort is a short drive from Nelson. It only takes us 15 to 20 minutes to get to the hill. It is one of those places that when you go, you feel like you’ve found something special. It has a nice small town, holistic, vibe … it is hard to describe, but easy to feel. The menu at the Fresh Tracks Café in the Lodge is awesome. I don’t know of a hill that serves up fresher more delicious food, I’ve never seen falafel on the menu at a day lodge before! Ihad the veggie burger with yam fries and people in the lodge that saw my food commented on how good it looked!

Strapping in and getting on the lift, we see tons of good looking stashes of snow. I think the longest we ever had to wait in a lift line was about 1 or maybe 2 minutes.  Once our boards hit the mountain, we discover lots of fresh, easily carvable snow. It snowed here almost 48 hours ago, but there is still lots good stuff left for us.

Rocky Mountain Road Trip Whitewater, Nelson
Photo courtesy of Kevin Prisiak

Working our way down the hillsides, we found lots of freshly groomed cruiser runs which we went all out on. There is also a nice park with lots of beginner and intermediate hits, which I do like, but the terrain is quite good, and spending time in the park seems like a waste. Being that it was Wednesday, the crowd was light and lift lines were non-existent. 

Whitewater Ski Resort is a beautiful gem. Beautiful riding, friendly people, an unpretentious attitude, and quaint lifts are some of the ways I would describe our day on the hill. If you want a ski hill where you can chat with the locals, laugh with the lifties, and hit runs you have all to yourself, Whitewater is it.

Rocky Mountain Road Trip Whitewater, Nelson
Photo courtesy of Kevin Prisiak

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